Early Childhood Teacher

As well as complying with Great Foundations Montessori policies and procedures, all staff members must comply with all state regulations governing this facility.  In particular, those contained in the Manual of Policies and Procedures, Title 22, Division 12, Chapter 1, State of California, Health and Welfare Agency, Department of Social Services.

Great Foundations Montessori reserves the right, at any time, with or without notice, to alter or change job responsibilities, reassign or transfer job positions, assign additional job duties, or assign staff to work at either the Northwood or Woodbury facility, depending on the needs of the company. Great Foundations Montessori is an at-will employer as described in the Employee Handbook.

Reporting Relationship

The Early Childhood Teacher reports to the Director but supports the Lead Teacher in the classroom and on the playground. 

Job Summary

The Early Childhood Teacher assists the Lead Teacher in implementing a Montessori curriculum in the classroom. Additionally, the Early Childhood Teacher assists in general supervision of the children, supports the school’s efforts towards achieving and maintaining Montessori professional standards. Finally, the Early Childhood Teacher should be a model of professionalism for parents, children and staff.

Promote student participation in the learning experience. Communicate positively about the children with parents and direct all parent inquiries to the lead teacher.  Work with staff members in a professional and ethical manner with a willingness to develop and maintain a cooperative team approach.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist in the supervision of children including classroom and playground activities.
  • Assist in providing and supervising a healthy emotional, social, intellectual and physical environment for the development of each child.
  • Assist in planning and implementing the daily program under the direction of the teacher.
  • Assist in planning and preparing the learning environment, setting up interest areas, and preparing needed materials and supplies.
  • Assist lead teacher in inspecting children daily for illness or unusual behavior; report to the lead teacher and Director as needed.
  • Supervise all activities to ensure the safety of the children at all times.
  • Assist children with clothing and personal hygiene (e.g., shoes tied, faces cleaned, hands washed, noses wiped etc.)
  • Assist the teacher in any other appropriate way.
  • Treat all children with dignity and respect.
  • Communicate with the children in a clear, concise manner; maintain positive discipline techniques and interact with the children in a manner that is appropriate, loving, and structured.
  • Assist in monitoring lunch with the children and encourage responsible nutritional habits.
  • Share all cleaning responsibilities, classroom maintenance and care of the children with the teacher and other staff members.
  • Communicate clearly and respectfully with other staff members at all times; work with staff members in a professional and ethical manner with a willingness to develop and maintain a cooperative team approach; understand that classroom maintenance and care of the children are shared responsibilities.
  • Maintain a neat and clean physical appearance.
  • Attend all Staff Meetings and Staff Training Days, as scheduled during the year.

Essential Functions

  • Standing for long periods and frequent bending, lifting and reaching are required; the ability to remain physically aware of the location of all children in a specific group at all times.
  • Infrequently lift a young child if necessary.
  • Being physically capable of interacting with children 2 years of age through 6 years of age.
  • Must be mentally and emotionally prepared and capable of dealing with children in a mature, non-threatening manner.
  • Regular attendance, ability to respond to an emergency, ability to visually supervise children.

Minimum Qualifications

  • High school graduation or GED; bachelor’s degree in Child Development preferred.
  • Completion, with passing grades of 12 semester units or equivalent quarterly units in Early Childhood Education at an accredited or approved college or university; the courses shall cover the general areas of child growth and development or human growth and development; child, family and community or child and family; and program/curriculum.
  • Must be warm and friendly in personality, sensitive to the feelings and needs of others, be able to relate well to the children and be willing to fulfill responsibilities in accordance with the school’s Montessori educational philosophy.
  • Current CPR and First Aid training.


Qualified Candidates

Qualified candidates should submit their resume with salary requirements and the age group you are interested in teaching (Primary 3–6) or Toddlers (2–3) to: careers@greatfoundations.com.  

Due to the volume of resumes received, we regret we are unable to respond to each submission.